How do I reach your Customer Service Team?




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    Regarding holiday related delays, please see this link:

    ALL orders will be shipped and leaving our warehouse by this Friday.

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    JR (Edited )
    This is JR here from Trifecta.
    We read through all the comments in this section and again apologize about all the ways we've been coming up short. We know our customer service and fulfillment has been slower than normal and to be honest, we're still recovering from last month's backlog of orders. We're hoping to scale up so we can adequately cover everyone's concerns.
    To update you, if you still have not received your package, we have just sent another message to the batch of customers whose orders have been delayed.
    The shipment was picked up by UPS last Saturday afternoon but as it has been holidays for the past three days (UPS is off today), it should be reflected in the system today.
    Yes, we definitely 100% understand what everyone is saying and we again apologize.

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